(A Feature Article) There are sometimes underneath the surface we do not clearly see. Making sure, that the lines strongly points out what needs to be heard. Even images and figures; we always thought it is what it is on the outside, hence we forgot to search more upon implicitly. As you read this little... Continue Reading →


Fragile Jars

They say, all we have is a choice. We made our own decisions; And it is up to us if to the line, We will bravely cross. To tell you frankly, It is the same in love as it goes. We need to open our eyes, And stare back to the reality. As we take... Continue Reading →


Stop being frantic; Or the monsters inside, Will be chaotic. Stop bothering, " How to be?" But instead, stand and be still. Enough pushing things to happen; In your own way. Just be quiet and let go of the pain. Keep calm, and hold still. Breathe once more again. Believe me my friend; This is... Continue Reading →

Blithe In Mixed Colors

Blithe. Just as it suggests, She is full of joy and merry. But not always. Sometimes, Storms can be painted on her face. She is already on the verge of abdicate. But she'd never point her fingers to others; Nor let her knees bend. Maybe others won't understand her. She's maybe in constant mood swings,... Continue Reading →

Sonnet IV: Hazel May

So, here I am again, counting the stars at night; Reminiscing everything that was laid before. Oh! I saw my precious Hazel May on her blithe. Right now, as I pray, my tears fall; my knees went low. Can we trace the broken pieces back on its own? Everyday and every night, I'm longing to... Continue Reading →

Short Poem Sessions

"Chasing Stars" Hey kiddo. Who says, you can't do it? Look! You are crying and is falling. Because you are trying to reach, The impossible dream. "Love Me Not" Love me not, because of my looks, Love me not, because I read books. Love me not, I have money and pennies. Love me not, because... Continue Reading →

When Lights Go Down

I am sitting here on the corner, As I find myself in wreckage; This brings me lower. Just thinking all the time, All about my own misery. I just couldn't get enough. People say, "Get down!" When I say, "I should never back down". The insults, mockery and constant, Humiliation, makes my soul purge, On... Continue Reading →

The Man Who Can’t be Moved

The say, " Are you okay?" People around me kept asking; 'Cause I don't have my head on straight. And I say, " I do." Trying to inform them; It is true, where in reality; My face is already turning blue. Yet, I don't have to be like Greg Wimpy. Clenching my fist; pushing not... Continue Reading →

Can’t Hear You Now

The sound hat I am hearing, Goes so deafening; That it starts to fade. Yeah, and I won't listen, To that mess again. That mess that once pulled me down, The negativity and pain; That once break myself one by one. Light is already blinding my eyes, So that I will never see their lies,... Continue Reading →

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